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Did you ever ask where Mercedes team member pack their stuff into? Where does Hamilton pack his socks or Bottas his spare T-shirt after the race? Obviously, they don't pack them elsewhere but the champion-worthy Mercedes AMG.


I would like to clarify one thing up front: at FansBRANDS you will find, shoulder bags, backpacks or handbags you will not find anywhere else. If this page would be empty for the moment and it seems like we're out of stock, it is possible that they are sold out... This is no coincidence: due to our contacts to manufacturers and branches abroad, we bring to EU the rare bags of the German team.

We don't have to tell a real Mercedes fan what quality he gets for his money, since he knows exactly that German quality is in the upper 10%. It is the same with the newest Mercedes bags. You will exactly what you are used to: perfect design perfect, materials, colours and guarantee. Be the one who was able to buy and not the one just looking at the empty page! Is this is the case, don't be sad: individual and limited Mercedes bags can appear anytime on the web site. But then, you don't have much time either... ;-)